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Every business has a story and they want to be heard. Whether you are in a small town like Chesterton Indiana, a college town like Valparaiso Indiana, or a big city like Chicago Illinois. You want your story told and to be heard by others. To get your story heard you need to market to those looking around you. In this post, we delve into more on being found locally.

Be a speed demon

There are certain areas in life where being fast is beneficial. When one things of a speed demon we often think of someone that might cut corners. When it comes to your website you don't want to cut corners but you do want to be fast. Your website should load in a few seconds and it should never reach double digits (e.g. greater than 10). For us good is 1-4 seconds, moderate is 5-8, and everything over 8 is almost always a lost sale.

Be Responsive

When it comes to customer service you need to adapt and change to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers. Your website also needs to be able to adapt and change. Not by telling the search engines one thing and your visitors another but by changing the look-and-feel based on the size of the device. This is called being responsive. You can also have a completely different site (or adaptive) which will routinely cost you more. A properly built responsive site will look and active like an adaptive site but without all the added costs.

Talk to Me

With Apple having Siri, Google having Hey Google, Amazon having Alexa, and Microsoft having Cortana voice is becoming more important. Voice search is being used to help find restaurants, shopping, directions, home services, pizza, weather, reviews, local events, and traffic. Voice search is a lot more conversational and we should expect it to only continue. This means the content on your site needs to be conversational as well.

Video is Important

When thinking of video, we often think of YouTube or Vimeo as they are the two largest video sources online. Facebook is quickly growing in video as well. We know how important video is as we have committed to not only doing it every week for ourselves but also provide it as a free add-on for many of our clients as we know it's truly that important.

Remember Old School Techniques

We may be talking about internet digital marketing but that doesn't mean you should forego all off the old digital marketing techniques. Old school techniques are flyers, radio, television, billboards, and more. For many you won't use television but you may use flyers, radio, and billboards. These marketing methods to get your brand known are just as important in the digital world as they were before we had a digital world.

Know your numbers

Make certain you have analytics and look at them. All too often we bring on clients with either no analytics or they have analytics but never look at them as they are "too confusing". We agree as part of learning SEO they can be confusing. Once you get a handle of the pieces that are relevant to your analytics can help you increase your overall business.


Working with a company that specializes in search engine optimization for small and medium sized businesses is crucial. JM2 Webdesigners is a local marketing company in Valparaiso Indiana that is dedicated to your growth. We look at all the above and many more when we help get your business online. With fair pricing and a team of graphic designers, web designers, customer service, content writers, developers, and SEO experts we are here to assist you in every aspect of your inbound internet marketing. You can reach us at 219-229-1633, email at, or through our online contact form here.