Maximizing Mobile Marketing

 9/22/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

Maximizing Mobile Marketing


When it comes to marketing today mobile is becoming more of a key player. Mobile text marketing or SMS marketing has a standard open rate of 98% compared to 30% with email marketing. On top of that only 1% of SMS marketing messages are considered spam due to the fact the loyal customer has to opt-in to receive the messages. By adding just one person coming back per week that might not otherwise come to your location you will not only pay for text messaging but start to make more money. In this article we're going to cover the core benefits of what SMS marketing is and how your business can benefit from having it to drive more revenue to your door.

Reach your target audience more quickly

When it comes to marketing the faster you can reach your audience the better. There truly is no faster way to reach your audience then through text messaging. This quick contact garners a few great benefits. You can more quickly adapt and be agile to business needs. Is the weather bad? A new promotion that just came up? Or some other pertinent information? You can send out a text message in a matter of minutes.

Built for mobile users

Like your website needing the ability to work on mobile text messaging is a mobile solution. With 98% of messages being read within minutes of arrival text messaging allows you to see results immediately from being sent. For example, you're a restaurant owner and you know you want to pull in those last minute people going out that haven't committed to where they are going. Your text could be the tipping point for adding new people at your location.

Customers love receiving texts

Whether you are giving a special or discount (everyone loves those) or reminding people of a tip, an upcoming band or an event happening at your location your loyal subscribers are looking for those texts. We do mean loyal subscribers too. Unlike other methods text messaging is a 100% opt-in where the person has to sign up to receive the messages.

Being green is good

Unlike printed marketing (which we do love) text messaging helps save the environment by being eco-friendlier as everything is transmitted electronically. In fact, it's almost a carbon free way of communicating, so if you're looking for ways to make your business greener, SMS marketing is a big step in the right direction.

Talk directly with your consumer

Today leaving your home without your mobile device can cause a lot of stress and people will often go back home to get their mobile device. This puts your message directly in the hand of your consumer no matter where they are. This type of communication is great as you know you are reaching the core person that subscribed to your service.

Easy to use

Part of any great marketing is keeping everything simple and easy to understand. Text marketing is as simple as you can get from a user experience. They are already familiar with their mobile device and sending and receiving messages. With people have a busy lifestyle this is a great way of keeping their life simple.

Informed Text Messaging Analytics

One of the greatest aspects of the text messaging is when you include links and other tracking information. Not only do you know how many people you've reached but you can also track how effective your campaign was through clicks, where your customers are located, etc. Speaking of location if you are a growing business and looking for the next great market to expand into you can use your text messaging analytics to see where your next largest target audience is to start that location off strong.

Cost Effective

When creating a solution where you are wanting to reach hundreds of guaranteed and loyal customers that have already or are wanting to use your services you want as low cost a solution as possible. Text messaging is that solution.


If boosting your sales through having customers reach you more often, and improving communication with customers is important to your marketing plan then text messaging should be part of your marketing solution.

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