Handling Negativity

 12/24/2014 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Handling Negativity

Digital Marketing often creates a deer in headlight look from clients. Whether it is with basic terminology, that you need to be monitoring your account(s) continuously or the amount of time and effort you need to devote to do it properly. It doesn’t have to be complex and we work with you on making it simple and will do the heavy lifting for you. If you’re too busy or you do not want to handle your companies’ social media that is perfectly fine. Knowing some of the basics is critical as even if you are not being active with your account there will be situations where we need your guidance. This will include postings, content creation as well as how you wish to deal with certain situations. At times we all have to deal with situations that are not positive. No one likes them and we all wish they could just all “go away”. Ignoring a problem though doesn’t fix it. Not addressing negative problems will only have a chance to grow into something worse.

Whether our clients are going to handle social media themselves or if we are going to partner together to achieve success to get their good word out. A social media and digital marketing plan is critical for your businesses success online just as you have plans for your offline marketing you need one for your online marketing. What we first do is sit down with them and “just talk”. The reason we just talk and have a meaningful conversation with them is it allows us to learn who they are, gain a picture of their personality as this is what we will have to personify with their business account as we maintain their digital marketing and what they want to achieve with the Internet. With this information we can also determine what social media outlets that will work best for their business.

Below are just a few items we always discuss with clients as part of our conversation when we first start talking social media and digital marketing services.

  1. Do NOT delete any complaints! (Repeat: Do NOT Delete!)
  2. Identify the type of feedback being given (Is it a straight problem, constructive criticism, merited attack, trolling/spam, or other)
  3. Do NOT rush to respond; especially negatively. Two negatives in this case do NOT make a positive!
  4. Always respond. Don't think "it will just die"
  5. Restate the complaint in your response (e.g. "I'm truly sorry that it took an hour for you to receive your food.")
  6. Do NOT make excuses
  7. Do NOT take it personally
  8. Always be positive online (and offline!) and apologetic
  9. Always respond with kindness and concern
  10. Share your appreciation for their feedback
  11. Handle your response with respect and do your best to "take it offline". People will see that you've responded and are being the better person.
  12. Once taken offline, listen! This may seem trivial to you but is NOT to them!
  13. If you can do the offline face-to-face all the better as that way you can see more than just hear.
  14. Remember YOU are the embassador to your companies brand
  15. Remember, you cannot make everyone happy; but you can try!
  16. It is OK to highlight your strengths in your response
  17. Resolve it, even if it costs you. Do so though offline as each situation is unique and telling someone that they will get something FREE online could encourage others to be negative.
  18. Make "changes" and let people know you're making the changes because of a comment
  19. And lastly "have a process"

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