Facebook Group Management

 5/24/2019 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

Facebook Group Management

As Facebook makes its move toward groups having a higher presence we have upgraded our social media management to include a Facebook Group as part of our social experience. Facebook Groups though having high importance on Facebook is definitely not for all companies.

Who are Facebook Groups not good for?

  • You have a small fan base that occasionally likes your items but never writes/communicates
  • Your information rarely changes and a group would be just adding another thing that doesn’t provide a value
  • Not for constant sales posting/pushing your product

Who are Facebook Groups good for?

  • Those wishing to increase their brand visibility. A group is not about sales, although you can sell. A group is about educating and building awareness of your brand and possibly other brands by consolidating. The advantage being under your control is you control the message.
  • Have an active following
  • See other groups your business would be good in but posting a lot would be considered spam and provide a negative appearance on your company brand
  • Want to communicate and be at the top of the results of those that have signed up for the group
  • Provide online webinars, sell products online, promote podcasts, promote new videos, and promote events and create active communication and collaboration.
  • Your product needs customer service and you want to be open and helping all your customers as a whole community rather than just one-on-one
  • Save money on paid ads (not always – but we’ve seen paid ad spend decrease)

What is included in our Facebook Group management?

  • Creation of the group
  • Moderation of every post. We are your Facebook Group Community Manager.
    • Removal of inappropriate “stuff” (porn, attacks, malicious content, threats, etc.)
    • Maintain your corporate brand identity and tone
  • Creation of
    • Banners
    • Group rules
    • Setting questions for joining the group (optional but recommended as it helps prevent spam bots from overtaking your group)
  • Promote your group in the articles we write for you
  • Encourage members to engage. Examples:
    • Challenges
    • Tutorials
    • Education
    • Live Q&A sessions
    • Quizzes
    • Polls

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