Engaging Your Target Audience with Quality Content

 3/30/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Engaging Your Target Audience with Quality Content

The rewards of content marketing are really too rich to ignore. With high-quality content you can build your brand, establish trust, create a positive reputation, and gain authority with current and future clients. People look for this content to help them make decisions and solve problems they are current facing. Once you've achieved this you will gain a loyal follower that not only comes back for information but will routinely share and promote your content to further inform others that they know.

Deep Pockets

There is a belief that larger companies will win the "Content Wars" to gain viewers and followers as they spend larger amounts of money. We believe that those that take the time, are patient, and work to establish themselves as experts in their field will gain content awareness as much as those with the big dollars. In fact, we often see those that work hard and stay focused for the long haul surpass and exceed the reputations, brand awareness, and authority of the larger brands that are just going after mass content by spending large amounts of money to saturate the market. A huge budget isn't necessary to build quality content or trust with your clients.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is where you can have your company culture come alive. People will see what you stand for as a company, who you are, and most definitely what you believe in. When you copy and repost others content you are not showing what you believe in or that you have any unique skills to bring to the table. It is a lot harder to get people interested in your business if you cannot get people interested in what you are doing. We've all heard that I am too busy to create unique content. This very well could be true for many of us and why there are companies that can assist in writing quality content for our business. This is one of the many features we routinely do for our clients that either are too busy or do not have the expertise to write a quick 700-word article. In many circumstances there are dozens, if not hundreds, of articles that already exist on specific topics. Have confidence in yourself, and your company, that you can bring expertise to the table and that this expertise can better inform your clients.

Hit the Market Early

If you are in a local market that is heavily saturated one way to quickly gain authority in your industry is by choosing a topic that your competitors are currently not interested in pursuing. This will give you a head start on your competition who are not focused on what your clients are wanting. What your clients are wanting is a key point here. If your clients are not interested in what you are talking about then you will be not only wasting your time, your clients, and your competitors will stand a better chance of taking your clients from you. This early mover tactic is a way to quickly move up in the ranks in your area. If you are unfamiliar with an area one way of getting up to speed is aligning yourself with someone that is already an expert in that arena that you are not in direct competition with. Together you can help each other grow together.

Work Hard

Getting a head never comes easy. You need to truly work hard and be positive in your daily actions. We always have seen success when we not only work hard but push ourselves each day to be better than the last. Your website needs your help to achieve this. When initially built you created something truly amazing to bring your online employee alive. Yes, your online employee. This virtual employee is capable of promoting your business 24x7 in the most positive light. People will see the dedication, commitment you have to, love that you have for your business, and your level of quality that you believe in. When people see a beautiful website with thought put into the content they will have a higher first impression of what you've done. They will see that you are not like your competitors but a true beacon of expertise in your industry.

Copy-And-Paste Syndrome

We see this all too often. A company doesn't believe they have time. They go to a competitors site, or another site that is similar "enough" to theirs and copy-and-paste the information into their site. They believe this will help them gain credibility by taking other people's ideas. This can have the reverse effect as the search engines are extremely smart and will penalize you for this. We have seen several companies here in Northwest Indiana that have done this. They will copy the information, change a few words, and wonder why the page doesn't rank as well as the other page. Providing quality for your clients will never come easy. Every step of the way will be hard work. Over time it will be easier than the last time you did something. This is because you have been training and working at it. Make certain what you create is unique, brings out your company culture, and speaks to who you are and how you are the choice for your clients.


The adage that content is king is very true. A constantly changing and evolving realm of content that meets the needs of your clients will keep them wanting more, sharing more, and looking to you for authoritative answers for their problems. By being the expert you will gain their trust to help your business grow. When you just re-share other people's content you are not establishing your expertise. Just that you know how to copy-and-paste. Be an expert, create quality content, increase your brand awareness, and do it consistently.

If your busy and do not have the time to create great quality content, and we hope that you are, our team of content writers are here to help you achieve your business objectives. You can reach us at @BUSINESSPHONETOLLFREE@, email at @BUSINESSEMAILADDRESS@, or through our online contact form here.