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Doing Business Differently

 7/24/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

Doing Business Differently

We are often asked how we can provide the services that we do for the prices that we do them for. We could go on for quite some time on this subject as it is dear to our hearts. Instead we are going to list the first ten items that come to us within five minutes as we feel that give you a good indication of who we are.

  1. We live beneath our means. This means rather than buying the most expensive and cool items we stick with more mature items that have been tested over time. We do purchase our trade tools (e.g. software to be the newest and best).
  2. Family. We believe every client is part of our family. We feel vested in them and appreciate their confidence in us to help their business grow. We take pride and ownership of everything we do for our clients. We become part of their organization and we know that our success is because of them.
  3. We look for opportunities in everything we do. If we see something within our grasp that we feel we can offer and aligns with what we provide to our clients we add it. If the item is outside of our core beliefs and we feel it does provide value, we look for experts in that field that can provide that capability. As an example of this is we have the technical expertise for drone photography which is really popular. We felt this was a great value add for us but something we felt we should leave to others. We have aligned with some great experts who have the tools and expertise to do the job for our clients.
  4. When we see a capability to add to our monthly maintenance plans we add them to provide even more value to our clients that have taken faith in us in helping their businesses grow. Our maintenance plans are already the best when compared to anyone in Northwest Indiana and the entire United States. We will always continue to look for ways to further increase the value.
  5. We give our expertise to many organizations like Our Greater Good, Merry Meals, Veteran’s associations, and many more within the communities we serve.
  6. We invest in those that want to make them grow with our JM2 Webdesigners Jump Start scholarship at PNC and Ivy Tech Universities and have done so before we even made a single sale knowing that our future is dependent upon our investment in community.
  7. Every client is given two account representatives so that their needs are always taken care of. We don’t stop there though. If the two support representatives don’t have the expertise they bring in other core team members to help you achieve your objective.
  8. We align with Microsoft Azure to handle all of our hardware and align with our core values of security as they provide an entire team of security experts. The Microsoft Azure server infrastructure is also one of the most environmentally friendly systems out there saving on greenhouse gases while keeping our clients information secure.
  9. Free information. We believe in sharing our knowledge. We do this by providing valuable information to every client without requiring them to give us their information for the complete details. Many believe this hurts a business but we have found it builds trust, provides great value, and helps not only our clients but those who soon will be clients.
  10. We start each week by evaluating the past week. We look at what we did right, what we could have done better, and look for ways to provide value to our clients without increasing the cost to our clients.


We bring a unique and different perspective to everything that we do. Our owners have always been known as those that do what they feel is best rather than looking at the financial aspects for themselves. Treating clients and employees great is what makes JM2 Webdesigners continue to grow beyond Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana.

If you want to work with a company that truly will help your organization online give JM2 Webdesigners a call at @BUSINESSPHONETOLLFREE@, email at @BUSINESSEMAILADDRESS@, or contact us through our online contact form here.