Brand Development Process

 4/27/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Brand Development Process

When building a brand, it is much more than just a logo, brochure, your products, and even your website. Your brand should focus on forging a relationship with your client with the intention of doing more than expected and creating a sustainable value. Your brand is about quality of the relationships that you build on a daily basis. Your brand is aspirational, it's your promise, your values, your relationships, your commitment, and most importantly it is about YOU! In this article we will uncover several of the core aspects that we look at when helping an organization build its brand. Come follow us along in this journey.

The Process

When you start thinking of your brand you are thinking of creating a blueprint for your organization. You will be uncovering and defining differentiating traits that define you. We look at what clearly sets you apart from your competitors, what is important to your current clients as well as for future prospects to choose your organization over another firm. With that understanding we can help develop a brand platform to provide an organizations brand. This brand should be something that puts a focus that your organization is here for long-term growth and success in the market you are in.


The easiest and best brands should always be simple, yet powerful. They should provide differentiation and recognition, provide simplicity and focus, be applicable to not only your clients and prospects but to your people that make you successful. Your brand should develop a compelling visual expression for all of the audiences that your brand will touch. A brand should engage people and foster pride in the company brand.

Getting Your Brand Wrong

Many firms will get what a brand wrong the first iteration or two. Many will focus on the "what" rather than the "so what?" aspect of the brand. When you are developing your brand you need to be looking at your overall company culture, your overall company values, and your vision for the company's long-term growth. You don't stop there though. You need to look at your team and client's feedback on who you are as a company. You should do client and prospect interviews that help find out what your true brand is. Your leadership should be equally interviewed on what they see as the company brand. They may have it right or may themselves be missing what your brand is. You should look at your current messaging and a core aspect of what we look at is we look at and assess your competitors' as well.

Brand Platform Model


The difference we try to make in the world. Why we do what we do. Your brand should define not only what you do but who everyone on your team is and what your business stands for. When we look at a brand we always think of the end in the mind rather than just focusing on the here and now.


Our pledge to our clients and our people. What we deliver to the world.


How we act every day we conduct business. Be a company that is built on a strong set of values. Be the people that others aspire to be each day.


How we speak to our internal as well as external clients. The voice of your brand should speak in simple terms, with precision, focus, and collaboration that you are establishing a relationship between you and your client.


The experiences we create for clients and people around us. When establishing your brand, you want it to be fresh, have character, lasting stamina, and the energy to last.


Your brand should help and clearly differentiate your company from that of your competitors. Your business should be distinctive and representative of who you are, who you want to be, and what others see of you. Your brand image should have a sense of balance between consistency, flexibility, and embrace all aspects of your business.


The imagery you use should be less literal and convey what you stand for, enhance your brand image, and be a beacon for your clients. The headlines and content should help show your brand image.

How you can build your brand daily

Your brand should never stop. It should continually be evolving and improving. You should constantly learn from and listen to your clients as well as your people. Provide added value to your clients and colleagues. Collaborate with and support your colleagues in provide excellent cusotmer service. Provide through leadership in every action you do on a daily basis. Serving within your community you are not only helping your staff but further build your business brand.


Defining your brand can be a turning point for a company and should foster an emotional/human connection with your audience. It helps put everything into prospective and define you as a whole. Your brand should make a promise to your people as well as create a lasting value for your clients tomorrow.

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