1st Blog Article Ever

 10/16/2019 12:00:00 AM
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1st Blog Article Ever

For four years now John has been trying to get me to write a blog article about what I do. I specialize in graphic design and eCommerce websites. Maybe in the future I will write something about color theory or minimalism especially when talking about logo design. I can go on and on about the latest features that make managing an eCommerce site less tasking.

But you know what? Writing has never been a passion of my. I can’t say that I enjoy it all that much, but you know what I do enjoy? Our ability to work remotely. Since the beginning, we’ve had the equipment and software to work remotely. It has always been part of our core. Getting the building was supposed to signify grow, but times have evolved and this is no longer essential. In fact, it has done the opposite and left us, as a company, quite stagnant.

It’s time to evolve, and break the brick and mortar mold. Our CRM has been tested half way around the world. We know it works, so why can’t we? Work anywhere that is. My desk can be anywhere I need or want to be. If it helps a client, we can go to them. Our hours and location can and should be as fluid as needed. Not just for clients, though. Family and down time for ourselves is equally important. Work hard, play hard.

If I can get an hour in during practice or in between games, that’s one less hour I have to sit at a traditional desk. For a single parent, this is huge. I can serve my clients and get my kid to training on time, without having to depend on others.

Now this might seem like a personal benefit, but there are rewards for the client as well. I can work where I need to be, so I can put my personal worries to rest - did my daughter make it to practice on time, did she remember to bring her keeper gloves, does she have water, is her homework done, etc. - and focus solely on our clients’ needs.

I’ve got my hotspot and a power bank, now I just need a beach. Just not literally, the sand gets everywhere. Yuck!

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