If you are not investing in your business, how do you expect it to grow?

White Label Digital Marketing Services

Benefits of White Label Marketing

When you want to grow your business and want to avoid hiring a team of developers, graphic artists, and designers. We handle the hiring of talented individuals that have experience and desire to help businesses grow. We handle all of the benefits, pay increases, unemployment, vacation time, office accommodations, equipment, and more.

Fawkes Digital Marketing has a solution for marketing agencies that want to grow, but don't have the time, resources, current need, and space to add to their workforce. At Fawkes Digital Marketing, we work behind the scenes for you with white label marketing. Those who provide white label services are also known as "virtual assistants", "private labels", and in some cases "ghostwriters."

Your business or agency will have a team of experts at your fingertips! No hiring, training, or inconvenience. White label marketing will equip your business with industry experts that get the job done on time, the right way. We hire based on the needs of our own clients and the agencies that use our services.

Expert Team

Expert Team

You will have access to a team of individuals that are focused on the following areas:

  • Web Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Writers
  • Software Programmers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts for local and regional searches
  • Social Media Managers

White Label Marketing for Your Business Growth

These individuals are like virtual assistants that help your business grow. Rest assured, our experts are all native English speakers and are all US citizens. Each are well educated and know their industry well. We have done white labeling for some of the largest agencies in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland and we enjoy helping other businesses flourish and grow.

When you utilize Fawkes Digital Marketing as your team of experts, you can put all your time, energy, and passion into what you do best. Your customers get the quality they expect from you without knowing you had outside assistance. We do not put our brand on the service or end product and you own the rights to the work we do for you.

Let's face it, when you are stretched too thin, quality suffers. Therefore, we also take overflow from other marketing companies. Using Fawkes Digital Marketing as your white label marketing agency ensures that your customers receive the highest-quality marketing product and service. Also, if you are strong in several areas, such as, graphic design and programming, but need a social media expert on staff, you can utilize Fawkes Digital Marketing. When you add this virtual assistant, you can have an expert at your disposal at a fraction of what it would cost to hire on more staff. This adds value to your company and what you can offer your customers.

White label Marketing with Fawkes Digital Marketing boils down to: less work for you, less money out of your pocket, and more growth. If this sounds like exactly what you need, here are the details.

Web Design Services

Your website is the first item people will find when searching for businesses in your specific industry. When a visitor comes, you need a site that looks good, gathers information about them, and helps answer the questions they are trying to answer.

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Organic Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We specialize in organic local search engine optimization or SEO. Paying for clicks through PPC (pay-per-click) is a desperate solution when your website is not up to par. We work for those top organic SEO spots. We also get you into local directories, like the Yellow Pages, and constantly work to move you above your competitors and keep you there.

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Social Media Management Services

Having an effective website is your foundation for a great digital impression of your customers. A step to keep your business at the front of their mind is through the use of social media. Posting consistently and at the correct times, getting your fans to engage with your brand, and replying to them to help increase your business revenue.

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WordPress Maintenance Care Plan

Website care plans are essential for a proactive approach to digital marketing. Like employees, your website needs to have plugins and core security updated. You need to backup your website and make sure those backups work when you need them.

View the Website Starter Care Plan
Business Reputation Management Services

Reputation management is the effort to influence how people think of your brand when viewed online. Your business reputation is often based on how people see Google, Facebook, and Yelp portraying your business. Investing in your online reputation can add more revenue to your bottom line as a business owner.

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Sell Products Online with eCommerce

You can sell your products and services online and gain a more significant customer audience. To achieve this, you need a practical and robust solution for eCommerce. We build our solutions off of WordPress WooCommerce to build a following that tracks your visitors, follows up with them, and walks them through the same sales funnel you find on sites like Amazon.

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Common White Label Questions

Will we ever talk with your customers?

No. However, we can speak to your customers on your behalf upon request. We prefer to speak as an employee of your business; therefore, we create an email address under your branded domain name for customer communication.

Will you steal my customers if they come to Fawkes Digital Marketing?

No. If your customers came to us for marketing, we would let them know that there is a conflict of interest. Our rule #1 of honesty guides all of our decisions.

If you decide to let go of a customer and wanted us to continue marketing for them, we would take that customer upon your request.

An exception is if you go out of business.

What are the costs?

You are always welcome to talk to us about pricing at any time by emailing our sales team at sales@fawkesdm.com.

How does all of this work?

This is actually the easiest part of everything. You sell. You get a client. Then the following communication happens between you and us. In almost every case you will talk to John, the owner. That way there is never a breakdown and you have direct access and he makes certain everything happens exactly as you would expect.

  • You get a work request and contact us to perform the work (new work or updates)
  • We assign the work to the team.
  • The work is done and your main support person (e.g., John in most cases) is informed
  • They verify the work based on what is submitted. Anything that isn't "right" is fixed. Once everything meets the request you are notified.
  • You can then verify the information and verify it meets based on what you requested.
  • You contact your customer and let them know you and/or your team have completed the work as requested.

Agency Requirements

The following are our requirements for working together that we've developed over the last seven years of working with agencies, like yours:

  1. You must commit to adding a minimum of twelve clients in a year or we have the option to not continue white labeling for you. We do this because:
    • We provide you discounts off our core services.
    • We commit multiple people to each agency.
    • We limit the number of white label agencies that are allowed.
  2. You need to assign one primary contact between you and us. This eliminates any potential communication breakdown and makes certain you are providing your customer with the best possible service.
  3. There needs to be a white label agreement signed and each of your clients need to have a signed agreement for us to work with you on your one client.
  4. All of your clients are signed on to our regular terms and conditions of 12-months and then month-to-month.

Ready to Learn More?

You've made it this far. Either you are researching, or you want to see if working together makes sense. Not every agency is a good fit. With our policy of honesty above and beyond anything, we will listen to what you are trying to achieve. From there, we will, together, figure out if we are a good fit for each other. Let's connect and see if we are a good fit for each other by emailing sales@fawkesdm.com.

Sample Agency Terms

We build the terms for each agency as we feel this is a business partnership where we must work collaboratively together to achieve success. Below is only a sample but will be indicative of what the ultimate terms will be. For most agencies the following applies:

  • 1-10 Customers: 10% Discount from standard pricing.
  • 10+ Customers: 20% Discount from standard pricing.

Digital Marketing Partners We Work With

Fawkes Digital Marketing works with industry leaders to help you grow your business with an emphasis on getting leads and turning potential customers in customers. We strive to continue the education process so that your current customesr stay loyal and become cheerleaders of your brand.