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Digital Marketing Local SEO Agency In The United States

Fawkes Digital Marketing specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). Our SEO services cover local organic SEO and paid ad SEO. We work with custom HTML and WordPress websites, manage your online reputation management, and manage social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. We focus on these critical areas as they help your business grow year-over-year. We work with startups through established small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States.

Fawkes Digital Marketing has been offering affordable monthly care plans since in 2013. These care plans take care of all the foundational elements a company needs to grow on the Internet.

Web Design Services

Your website is the first item people will find when searching for businesses in your specific industry. When a visitor comes, you need a site that looks good, gathers information about them, and helps answer the questions they are trying to answer.

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Organic Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We specialize in organic local search engine optimization or SEO. Paying for clicks through PPC (pay-per-click) is a desperate solution when your website is not up to par. We work for those top organic SEO spots. We also get you into local directories, like the Yellow Pages, and constantly work to move you above your competitors and keep you there.

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Social Media Management Services

Having an effective website is your foundation for a great digital impression of your customers. A step to keep your business at the front of their mind is through the use of social media. Posting consistently and at the correct times, getting your fans to engage with your brand, and replying to them to help increase your business revenue.

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WordPress Maintenance Care Plan

Website care plans are essential for a proactive approach to digital marketing. Like employees, your website needs to have plugins and core security updated. You need to backup your website and make sure those backups work when you need them.

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Business Reputation Management Services

Reputation management is the effort to influence how people think of your brand when viewed online. Your business reputation is often based on how people see Google, Facebook, and Yelp portraying your business. Investing in your online reputation can add more revenue to your bottom line as a business owner.

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Sell Products Online with eCommerce

You can sell your products and services online and gain a more significant customer audience. To achieve this, you need a practical and robust solution for eCommerce. We build our solutions off of WordPress WooCommerce to build a following that tracks your visitors, follows up with them, and walks them through the same sales funnel you find on sites like Amazon.

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Digital Marketing & Organic Local SEO from Valparaiso, Indiana

We do digital marketing for companies across the United States from our Northwest Indiana location in Valparaiso, Indiana. We are one hour East of Chicago, Illinois, and one hour away from South Bend, Indiana. As we've grown and finetuned our digital marketing skills, we have expanded to cover areas beyond Valparaiso, Indiana. We offer our organic local SEO guarantee to any business in the USA.

Digital Marketing Customer Reviews

We want to thank all of our customers that have left us a review on our digital marketing, web design, SEO, social media management, and reputation management services. To leave a review click here.

Serving Northwest Indiana, Chicago Illinois, & the United States in Web Design Services

Fawkes Digital Marketing is located in Valparaiso, Indiana, often called Valpo. Our core services are:

  • The leading and fastest-growing web design.
  • Social media management.
  • Reputation management.
  • Search Engines
    • Local organic SEO company.
    • Pay Per Click Advertisements.
  • Social Media Management.

We do not spread ourselves thin in every possible service. We specialize in a few core services that give your business proven growth. We love our Northwest Indiana web design customers and have team members distributed throughout the United States. Seated in Porter County at the tip of Lake Michigan, we are an hour East of Chicago.

We launch three or more WordPress websites each week. We set up your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business [GMB]), Bing Places, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and other local directories for business growth. Every site we create comes with complete maintenance, reputation management, and SEO care plan to ensure your site is continually updated and improved.

We keep your website design updated and fresh while meeting your website visitors' needs by utilizing lead generation, consistent updates, and constant improvements priced reasonably and built for long-term business growth.

We know the importance that you need to be focused on your business and not your digital marketing. Contact us for a free consultation to move the needle and gain more customers.

Receive the Best Organic Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a long-term marathon. When you focus on paid ads, you put yourself in the sprint mindset. When you focus on organic SEO, you think more about user experience (UX) and lead generation throughout the entire website. By focusing on local organic SEO, you are focusing on a long-term strategy designed to convert and generate more revenue for your business.

  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) setup and maintaining
    • Create services
    • Create products
    • Adding posts & photos
    • Posting offers for additional updates
    • Replying to reviews & testimonials
  • Setup citations that apply to your business
  • Setup local Geo pages
  • Performance reports compared to your main competitors
  • Optimize your Google Core Web Vitals
  • Technical SEO fixes
  • Rank Checking
  • Setup Advanced Schema markup/structured data (Star aggregate rating, Blog Postings, Logo markup, Local business, Product, Organization, New article, Event, People, Video & audio, Location, Recipe, Breadcrumbs, Services, Social profile link, Speakable)

Fawkes Digital Marketing guarantees that we will not only get you onto page one of Google but keep you there consistently. We know our services are the best SEO in Northwest Indiana. Click on the "Learn More About Organic Local SEO" button below to read more about our SEO guarantee, timelines, and process. We believe in complete transparency in all of the SEO services we offer.

Lead Generating Website Design Built to Convert Visitors into Customers

When converting visitors into customers, you need to follow recommended best practices for websites, tie in critical recommendations from the search engines, and have the proper amount of call to action for your website visitors.

Fawkes Digital Marketing incorporates advanced analytics, human expertise, goal generation, and daily artificial intelligence (AI) software to achieve unparalleled results.

Each week technical SEO audits are run, we tweak based on the data analysis results. We improve your website based on the current trends and how users interact with your website. We utilize heat mapping software that will show us where a person is clicking on your website and where their eyes are on a given web page.

Social Media Management Services

When growing your business, you need to be on social media. We know you are busy, and we're here to help. We bring a complete solution that is adding more every month. Like all of our services, once you sign up, your price is locked. Your price doesn't go up as we add items, like Press Releases and custom blog articles. Giving more without nickel and diming is a concept that we love and are the only marketing company in Northwest Indiana that does that.

Our social media management solution provides you with:

  • One, or more, social media channels depending on what your business needs.
  • Setting up, maintaining, and enhancing your social media page.
  • Creating custom content specific to your business.
  • Curating and sharing information that adds value to your customers and potential customers.
  • Replying to and answering questions your customers ask all hours of the day.
  • Develop a strategy for business growth.

Beyond the above being we are diggers of data analytics we look for trends and adjust your scheduled posts to reach your audience at the right time. You will also notice we don't like and share to boost and falsify your analytics. We love your business but won't use dishonest tactics to give you a false impression that you're growing when you're not. The growth you see is actual growth that will add to your businesses bottom line.

Reputation Management Services

Part of our search engine optimization services includes reputation management. Reputation Management involves more than just giving you a link or QR code to get reviews. Our reputation management providess you with:

  • Provide a link and QR code (like everyone else) to Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • Monitor and reply to your reviews with more than "thanks." We write up actual paragraphs that are SEO optimized to help you grow.
  • We will send out customized emails to your customers with lists that you provide.
  • We take the reviews and display them on your website as social proof to your website visitors.
  • We set monitors where we watch for your name, address, and phone number (NAP) being mentioned and making certain the information being presented is accurate and positive.
  • Replying to all of your reviews (positive or negative).
  • We work on removing any and all negative information about your business online.

Digital Marketing Partners We Work With

Fawkes Digital Marketing works with industry leaders to help you grow your business with an emphasis on getting leads and turning potential customers in customers. We strive to continue the education process so that your current customesr stay loyal and become cheerleaders of your brand.