Humanizing Content

 7/11/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

Humanizing Content

Only a few short years ago people were stuffing keywords into their websites to try and rank better on the search engines. With faster computers comes new capabilities. Natural text is now the most popular way of interacting with their content on the internet. This change requires a shift in the way information is written on the internet to be found.

Natural Text Content

More people today are using natural words and phrases to find what they want. Technology has advanced where computers can think (yes think), respond, and rationalize what you are looking for in mere seconds. A large factor is people do not want to be drawn into being robots where they are expected to think of just two or three words to find what they are looking for. Users today want to type natural text like "What restaurants are near me?" rather than "restaurant BBQ Valparaiso". Both can produce the same results within the search engines. One is more user friendly than the other.

Ranking Algorithms

Google uses a program called "RankBrain" that is Google's machine-learning artificial intelligence as its third most important factor in ranking content on the web. Yes, that is right, when you search on Google one of the key items they are using to return results is artificial intelligence. With millions of searches happening every day their systems are becoming more aware of what you want. These tailored results have been a crucial reason for their success.

Links Matter to Content

Google uses links both internally and externally as key ranking factors. When you link to your own content within your site you are adding your own credibility to what your site is about. Google has removed the PageRank toolbar as the toolbar was no longer a valid benchmark. Google still uses PageRank internally as part of one of the core indexing algorithms used.

Content is the biggest factor in Content

Filling a webpage today with keywords is no longer enough to rank on the major search engines. What you need is quality content, preferably evergreen content, that people want to read. In the past you wrote solely for the search engines to succeed and be found on the search engines. Today you need to write for both the search engines and more importantly the visitors.

Writing your content for a computer and a human are two unique properties that require a different set of skills. This is where content writers come in. They bring in many old school techniques of newspapers while also embracing and making the content desirable for the search engines.

Your content can no longer be considered the jack of all trades. You need to write your content for your intended audience. When you fill a page with a specific keyword you can actually lower your search engine results if the content you've written appears filled

Conclusion on Humanizing Content Writing

Writing content today needs to answer questions and be written for people. When you write in this way you are also writing for the modern day search engine. The content that a user reads needs to answer the intent they are currently looking for.

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