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10 ways to write authenticate articles from the heart

 1/28/2018 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

10 ways to write authenticate articles from the heart

It is any given Sunday morning with coffee, a warm fire, and quiet. Everyone is sleeping and my mind is focused on an upcoming day. I read the next blog topic on writing from your heart. I close my eyes and think for a brief moment on what to write and then like a crash of inspiration I think what better way to talk about writing from the heart then talking about how I write every blog article. In the past four months, many have noticed my writing style has changed. This wasn't by accident and is actually a thought process I put into every day. I have challenged myself to speak more from the heart, educate, inform, and share my love with the world.

When you write there is a voice that comes out that tells the world who you are, your beliefs, and where you stand in the world. These feelings people get are determined based on the writing and the voice that comes across your written word. You may not verbally say a single word yet people can hear tone and inflections as they read what you've written. Writing is a way to get your voice heard and connect with those that have an interest in what you are writing. For me, writing I consider therapy as well as a way to educate and inform which is at the heart of everything I have ever done.

As you write you need to think of the basics that any story needs. A story needs a beginning, middle, and end to be complete. You begin by bringing the person into what they are going to read, you fill it with the knowledge, and you close it out summarizing what they learned.

When I write I keep several items always in mind of what I want to get across by the time the story is over. I may not use all of them but they all ring in my mind as I write.

So, below are my top ten tips on how you too can write from the heart, inspire others, and change the world one story at a time:

  1. Writing should not be a sales tool but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to sell. Just don't be pushy on doing the sales aspect. When a story is written well people will automatically be sold to you so when you do your story correctly you will be selling without even realizing it.
  2. Write when you are in a good and positive mood even if you are writing about something sad. When you are thinking and being positive you can pull out a wider range of emotions that will convey and sell the story you are telling.
  3. Find a time of the day that works well for you. When I write I always write between 4-6am or 8-10pm as that is when I feel the most relaxed and feel less pressured to just push a story out the door.
  4. Forget social media! Do not worry about how many likes, shares, or mentions a story gets. The story will serve more purposes than just writing to get people to like it. Work on inspiring just one person. If you reach more that is great. The focus should be on telling your story and helping. The likes, shares, and mentions will come over time.
  5. Concentrate on your passion and inspire others. My biggest passion is my wife and family and that could make for some very interesting articles. Instead, I write about technology and ways to help businesses.
  6. Be vulnerable to your writing as you are opening your soul to people you don't know. Make mistakes. Not always the intention, but sometimes is good. We are surrounded by marketing companies that strive to make everything so perfect. The world isn't perfect. As you write people will feel that you are putting yourself out there and willing to be judged. This vulnerability allows your human side to come out. Save those perfect writing moments for ads and marketing. Your writing of blog articles and short stories should show and open you up to the world.
  7. Inspire others to become better than they are. As you show your vulnerability and put yourself out there for others you are showing and inspiring them to come out of their comfort zone.
  8. Don't try to be something you are not. There are some really awesome writers out there. Striving to be better is what we all try to do but don't try to be them. Be who you are and make yourself better.
  9. Continuously push yourself to be better every day. Give 100% in everything you do and it will show to those that read what you write.
  10. Don't set a specific content length. Blog articles that are 1,200-3,500 words will perform better than a 500-1,000 word article. That doesn't mean you write for search engine purposes. We have found out through time articles that are short, that help people, and do inspire will perform better on the search engines. You also get to write more which more change that has a high-quality will boost your organic reach on the search engines. Focus on keeping your story to the length that works and not the length that focuses on the search engines.

Write because you love it and want to inspire others. If you are not ready to write then curating content is a great way to go. I know many professors that currently teach and even though they teach writing they don't write. They do share a lot of information but they are not ready to write. Don't write because you feel you have to. Write because you have a desire and passion to do so. Let your love come out and become the best that you can be. When you do decide to write make certain to set time aside. In the beginning, you will need more than down the road. If you need to research you'll need even more time whether you are a practiced writer or not.