Module: Portal Users

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Within Portal Users, you keep track of everyone that has login access into your system or subscribes to newsletters all within a centralized place. This allows you to control all interactions with those that you want to communicate and continue to inform.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of users can be associated with Accounts/Leads.
  • Users can be given access to one or more modules or just the ability to update their newsletter information.
  • Logging of user's activities within the portal.
  • Attach tasks to individual users.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Downloads module.

Sample Screenshot

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Portal Users Module - Grid
Portal Users Module - Edit 1
Portal Users Module - Edit 2
Portal Users Module - Edit 3
Portal Users Module - Edit 4
Portal Users Module - Edit 5


The grid is where everything begins. You will see all of the users you have access to as well as the ability to add new users. Everything you see is based on your current security settings.

At the top you will see Add New and Filter. Add new allows you to add a new user. Filter gives you specific filtering options.

Above the top right of the grid is a search feature. As you type the grid will filter based on the criteria. The bottom left of the grid will show you how many entries exist and what one you are looking at based on the current grid search criteria. The bottom right will give you a Previous, numbers..., and Next buttons. The numbers will vary based on how many records you're showing and what page you are on. When there is only one page you will not be able to change pages.

Within the grid you can click on the Edit (e.g., pencil) button to edit the record you're looking at.

Portal Users

Adding & Editing

  • Quick Tasks: A quick way of adding a task to a specific user you are looking at.
    • Description: The description of the work being done for a task.
    • Hours: The number of hours the task took.
    • Category: Assigns a category to the task.
    • Task Complete: Mark the task as complete.
  • User Information
    • First Name: The first name of the user.
    • Last Name: The last name of the user.
    • Email Address: The email address of the user.
    • Account: The Account/Lead the user is associated with.
    • Password: This gives you the ability to assign a password to the user.
      • Note: If you opt to change a password or create a new account and a password is not set the system will genearte a 36-digit random password.
    • Change Password: Turn this on for a password change to take effect.
    • Phone Number: The phone number to the user.
    • Portal Layout: The portal layout that will be assigned to the user.
    • Security Group(s): The security group(s) that the user belongs to.
    • Active: Whether the user is active or not.
    • Portal Administrator: If the user should be considered an administrator or not.
      • Note: Those that are marked as administrators are able to see a lot of information and should only be given to people within your organization that need this access level.
    • Password Expired: The user's password is expired.
    • Include In Mailing List: Whether the user should be included in newsletters sent out of the system.
    • Image: The head shot image of the user.
  • User Details
    • Title: The users overall title which may be different from the address details.
    • Display Order: The display order of the user.
      • Note: Any user you do not wish to show in any lists on the public side should have a display order of -1.
    • Hire Date: The date the person was hired.
    • Theme (Portal): The color scheme the user will see.
    • Tags: Tags are a way of grouping and displaying your users.
    • Description: A description related to the user.
  • Address Information: For information on editing the address information click here.
  • User Logs: Any activities the system has captured related to the user.
  • Tasks: All tasks that are associated with the user.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make certain that each user is given a unique account. Shared accounts do not give you the ability to track who made changes to the system.

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