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Why small business matters

 11/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Why small business matters

We are often asked why we work with small business and nothing else. That wasn't always the case but small business is what we only work on now and the answer is quite simple. Small business make up 3/4 of the businesses within the United States which is a large group of businesses to work with. Five years ago, we went straight to the big box stores for everything as we were selfishly looking at just saving a few pennies (literally just pennies). As we saw spending these pennies on a small business were not only possible but made us happy and we established relationships with these businesses. This change happened and was our wakeup moment when we started our own web design and marketing small business in Michigan City Indiana. Our eyes opened, and we started to "see the light" of what was really driving the American economy. It isn't these large stores but the small business that invest in our local communities that made our communities grow.

The box stores have their purpose and it is a good one. They do give a ton of money to our communities, our noticed more by our local governments, and are the first stop for many consumers due to their marketing might.

We started out like many small businesses solely at the money aspects of business. I mean we wanted to eat and have a roof over our head. Over time and as we dug into what we wanted to do our hearts have constantly driven us to small business and wanting to give back to our communities. This was a huge mindset change for us as big business has a lot more money, they have helped us with our growth, and they spend money like it really doesn't matter. That was nice to get us started but we felt empty inside. We helped those medium and large businesses solve their business problems, but it wasn't giving us any true satisfaction.

When we help a small business a few core things happened to us. We helped the business solve their problem, but they were thankful for it. They said, "thank you" which is something medium and big business never seem to do. Small business appreciates the small things. When you help them add new qualified employees, add new customers, and drive brand awareness they love everything you do for them.

The more we help them the more we have learned that they are a true niche that needs help and a niche that we are truly built to help. We have always had a "Leave it to Beaver" mentality where we want to give more to people than they expect in today's society of paying more for more. We love the philosophy that you can get more without having to pay more. This is how we were brought up and what we want to do as our part to help small business grow. We don't want to make a lot of money from one client but a little from a lot of clients that we help grow.

What else does small business give beyond that small town feel that you can even find in the big city like Chicago? The customer service no matter how you slice it is better than medium and large business hands down. It's personal and not even comparable as they appreciate each customer and want to help you with your immediate problem. A small business gives back to their community in their time, energy, and of course jobs.

A thought for many to ponder is there is no big business that wasn't at one time a small business. Every business starts out and grows from an idea to make the world better. Small business just happens to keep it more in their daily focus and the focus, although it is on money, is not the overall driving focus. Small business wants to make money, but they want to do it by truly helping others.

We support small business as they are like us. They care, they educate, they are dedicated to each of their customers, and they love their community. Therefore, JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing in Valparaiso Indiana does what it does. These small investments by these small companies are what makes America great.