Website functionality is only the beginning

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 Written By John Marx

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OK, so you’ve got your great website! It has that perfect design and graphics that will set you apart and spark the interest of your viewers. Your website says it all. It represents your business, your image, and everything you symbolize. But once you have those great visuals to draw your visitors IN, you need to keep them engaged with compelling content.

It is critical for a website to have content that not only reflects your business but also contains the optimized specific key words that are going to increase your search ranking. It is not uncommon for a business owner to consider writing the content for his/her own website. After all, the thinking is that “I know my own business.” However, the realization is that a good content writer can more readily help your audience know your business and achieve your goals with a much greater success rate.

Well-written content is not just a string of words. A skillful content writer can focus on the needs and wants of your customers, which will entice and engage your visitors to ultimately open their wallets. Since people read Web content differently than they read newspapers or magazines, a good content writer can turn insurmountable text into readable copy. Prospective customers want to visit a site, get the information they want, and read it in a user-friendly manner.

It is a creative balance to write content that is interesting and informative for the reader and also contains the necessary Search Engine Optimization key words and phrases for increased Web traffic.

Most people put their efforts into establishing their websites; however, they often overlook and do not understand the necessity of having the best content possible. It is having good content which will bring the website up to the next level, increase Web traffic and visibility, and ultimately increase profits.


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