Hash tag killed the space (bar)

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 Written By John Marx

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As I wait for the next festivities of the day to begin I scroll through my Twitter and Facebook feeds in anticipating of inspiration and education. As I continue to scroll endlessly I come into a realization that in the past few years we have killed off the "space" (bar) in our postings (a take on Radio Killed the Radio Star -- Buggles - Video killed the radio star 1979). No longer do you see "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", or even "Happy Birthday". All we see is #MerryChristmas, #HappyHolidays, and #HappyBirthday. We have ultimately in our desire to become hash tag relevant have ultimately killed space (bar) itself.

I can only imagine the feelings my grammar Nazi friends are going through every time they see this. First people started ignoring the power of the comma, then the semi-colon, the colon, the period with run-on sentences, and even that darn exclamation point to get their point across. What"s next? There, their, and they"re? For the life of me let"s not kill off the space (bar).

I cannot for the life of me see any of my writer friends that consider themselves good writers doing this true abuse. Killing off the space (bar) as that would be the end of the world to them and against everything they believe in. What do they ultimately feel every time they read two (or three) words smashed together? I can only imagine how many have been committed to this abuse of the space (bar).

The struggle for grammar experts is real. For the life of mankind and our grammar experts let us commit to helping save their lives. Stop smashing words together and make the world a better place for them.

In the meantime, may everyone have a #MerryChristmasAndAHappyNewYear.