Boost Your SEO with Quality Original Content

 8/1/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Boost Your SEO with Quality Original Content


It is pretty much impossible to create content that hasn't been talked about in the past. What can be done is put your heart, soul, and your personal expertise into the content and let it shine and resonate with your audience. When writing your content, you need to think about your audience rather than the search engines. When you write quality content that is targeted at your users your content will be seen by the search engines.

When creating your content, the key is to have answers for your readers rather than worrying about the layout, number of keywords, or what is the latest technique to take advantage of the search engines. Thinking of this as your primary method will hurt your overall performance. When quality content is written the search engines will rank your content and rank your content well. When this happens there is a greater chance your work will be evergreen content.

Creating fresh content that has value, is not date-sensitive, and covers a subject in depth and detail without fluff is what evergreen content is all about. This type of content is valid not only today but months, even years, down the road. As you create this type of content you are not worried about the latest tricks and techniques to fool the search engines and entice them to index your website. You want to provide a lasting value to your readers.

Content that is not evergreen

  • Content with dates
  • News articles
  • Latest trends

Content that is evergreen

  • Lists (non-dated)
  • Top tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Expertise
  • Videos (not news)
  • Food, Love, Parenting
  • Product reviews (this will be evergreen as long as the product is available)
  • Instructional "How To" articles and information
  • Pet care, Jobs and Careers, and weight loss to name just a few

Creating your unique and highly valuable content write it as something that is informative and means something for your intended audience. Do not sell as what you write is your sales pitch. When you copy and share curated content you are not showing your expertise. Share your expertise and the knowledge you bring to the table. That is what will make your content valuable and people coming back. You will notice that everything we write is quality and informative. We don't ask for your information (we would love it though!) as the majority of our articles come from those that contact us through our contact form, calling us at @BUSINESSPHONETOLLFREE@, or emailing us at @BUSINESSEMAILADDRESS@.