Credit Card Generator

When testing for valid credit cards we often did web searches for a list of fake credit card numbers to test against. These worked great and we have several listed below. Often we want to test against a wider range of numbers so we created this routine based on the credit card industry standards. These are cards that do not serve any purpose other than to valid the credit card worked.

The cards generated will pass the valid credit card formula but will not pass charging through credit card processors. Beyond creating credit cards this is a list of cards we often will use that many credit card processors know are fake credit cards and will pass their tests in their developer sandboxes.

Pre-generated Fake Credit Card Numbers

Card Type
Card Number
American Express (15 digits)
American Express (15 digits)
American Express (15 digits)
American Express Corporate (15 digits)
Diners Club (14 digits)
Diners Club (14 digits)
Discover (16 digits)
Discover (16 digits)
Discover (16 digits)
JCB (16 digits)
JCB (16 digits)
MasterCard (16 digits)
MasterCard (16 digits)
MasterCard (16 digits)
Visa (16 digits)
Visa (16 digits)
Visa (13 digits)

Credit Card Prefix Numbers

AMEX: 15 numbers starting with 34 or 37
Diners: 15 numbers starting with 300, 301, 302, 303, 36 or 38
Discover: 16 numbers starting with 6011
Enroute: 16 numbers starting with 2014 or 2149
JCB 15: 16 numbers starting with 2100 or 1800
JCB 16: 16 numbers starting with 3088, 3096, 3112, 3158, 3337 or 3528
MasterCard: 16 numbers starting with 51, 52, 53, 54 or 55
Visa: 13 or 16 numbers starting with 4539, 4556, 4916, 4532, 4929, 40240071, 4485, 4716 or 4
Voyager: 13 or 16 numbers starting with 8699

Disclaimer Information

All credit card numbers are not real and can not be used for any real purchases, including expiry and cvv, as well as names, which are all randomly generated.

Credit Card Information

Card Type:

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