How to use the grids

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Within the system you will notice grids in most of the modules. Grids provide a way of providing you with a lot of information in a small amount of screen space along with providing you a way to search the most common pieces of information to help you get your job done.

Portal Users

When a grid is displayed to you many features will be immediately available to you. Below are the common areas of every grid.

  • Top Menu Bar
    • Add New - Allows you to add a new record related to the module you are looking at.
    • Filter - (Optional) - Depending on the grid you are looking at you will find certain filtering options. When filtering is shown the most common item to filter on is Active/Inactive/All items.
  • Grid
    • Showing ___ rows - This allows you to change the number of rows that are displayed within the grid.
    • Export to Excel - (Optional) - Exports all of the records that are being shown within the grid in Microsoft Excel 2013 format.
    • Grid columns 1 (sometimes 2 and 3 as well) -
      • Column 1 (Edit) - This is the Edit column where you can edit the grid item row.
      • Column 2 (Optional) - This is optional and often shows a trash can for Deleting the item. It is recommended to only delete items when you "have to." It is better to edit an item, uncheck active, and click on save. The reason for this is once an item is deleted you lose the ability to report on that item. By marking an item as inactive the system will ignore it for everything except reporting purposes.
      • Column 3 (Optional) - This optional column often will display a View option to view an item specific to the item.
    • Last Column - The last column in almost every grid is the Modified column. This is the last time the grid item was last saved.
  • Below the Grid
    • Bottom Left (Showing) - This will show what records are being displayed on the grid. If you are filtering this total is the number of items that are matching the filter criteria. The right will always show the total number of records that exist i nthe grid if it wasn't being filtered.
    • Bottom Right (Navigation) - This allows you to move forward/backward within the grid. This allows you to keep the grid short. The default is 10 records. The shorter the grid the faster it will load for you.

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