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Documents allow you to have files quickly easily available and removed based on criteria that you have chosen.


You will need to have access to the Tools module to be able to have access to the Documents module.

Grid Information

By default, all of the documents shown are active documents. You can change to show inactive or all documents by using the filter option. You may also choose "Include Module Documents" which allow you to see the documents that are tied to other modules. Examples of other modules are Accounts, Tasks, etc.

General Information

  • Description (Short): This is the title of the document. Think of this as the title of a book. It explains at t high-level of 
  • Category: All of the created categories for documents that you have available to you.
  • Category (Add New): If you need a new category as it doesn't exist you can enter it here and the new category will be created and the document assigned to the new category.
  • Document Date: This is the date you want to be shown publicly that the file was uploaded. Often we upload a file days after of meetings, etc. This allows you to tie the document to the date the document was originally started.
  • Tags: Allows you to categorize documents.
  • Document: This allows you to upload a file to the system.
    • If you edit a document and choose a new file the old file will be deleted and the new file will be uploaded.
  • Active: This states a document is available.
    • If a current date is between the start/end date and the file is not active the file is not available to be downloaded.
  • Allow Anonymous Download: For all public websites this should be checked. It allows people to download document without having to first log into the customer portal.


  • Description: This is an extended description of what the document is about. This information can be displayed with the file to give a better context for those that may download your document.

Additional Information

  • Regarding: This is the module, if any, that the document is tied to.
  • Start Date: This will be the date the file will start to be available to be downloaded.
  • End Date: After this date the file will no longer be available for download.
  • External URL (Visit): If the URL is located outside of your system, you can provide a direct link to the document.
  • Document URL (Visit): A shareable link you can include in emails, etc. to give people direct access to the document.
  • Views: How many people that have opened/downloaded the document.


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