In this KB article I’ll be covering how to add categories of downloads to the Brilliance CRM.

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In this KB article I’ll be covering how to add categories of downloads to the Brilliance CRM:

  • Establishing Context
  • Into The Advanced Application Settings
  • Confirm It Worked

Establishing Context

To get started hover over the downloads module and click on Downloads. From there click on any download. There’s a field called Category with a selector box. Those that are listed are stored in an application setting that administrative users have access to. You may want to add a new category or change the name of a current category. In the next section we’ll do that. Now that we’ve established the context of what we’re doing let’s move on to doing it!

Into The Advanced Application Settings

Hover over the App Settings (Advanced) and click on application settings. Next simply type “Data Set Download Category” in to the Category search box. Capitalization doesn’t matter but it does make it look nicer. Next you should see a list of all the current categories. If you want to edit the current category to say something else you can click the pencil. If you want to delete one you can click the trash can. Not too complex.

You can also add an entirely new category (not just editing an existing one). Get started by clicking the add new button. In the field name of Category write “Data Set Download Category”. The “Field Name” and “Field Value” will be whatever you’d like the category to be called. Hit save and you should have a new category to designate for your downloads.

Confirming it Worked

Go on back to the Downloads Module, click on any download, then check the category list. If the new or edited category isn’t there refer to the prior steps once more. If it still doesn’t show feel free to reach out at

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