Module: Importer

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The system allows importing of information from Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheets. All that is required is the first row of the spreadsheet has the appropriate column names set for import. Columns that do not have a common column name are skipped during the import process. If you have two columns with the same column name, only the first column found (starting at column A) will be used.

Supported Modules

The following modules support importing.

  • Accounts
  • Product Lookups (Categories & Vendors)
  • Product Features (Attributes & Specifications)
  • Products
  • Tasks
  • Testimonials
  • Users


In the Import module, there is a section called "Sample Import Templates". This provides all of the currently available columns for the version of the software you are using.

How to Import

The process of importing is straightforward. 

  • Go into the Importer module.
  • Choose the module you wish to import into.
  • Choose your Microsoft Excel-based file.
    • Note: If you have the import file open in Excel, you could have an error as Excel can "lock" the file from being read by other programs. We recommended not having the file open in any program during the import process. 
  • Optional Settings - if you are importing into a module that has the option of sending emails when inserting a new record (e.g., Tasks or Testimonials), you can choose
    • Send Emails on Insert - Sends an email on every record that is inserted into the system.
    • Send Emails on Complete - Sends an email when all records are inserted.
    • Note: If the module you are importing doesn't support sending emails, the system will ignore these options when importing.
    • Note: When importing Testimonials and asking people to leave a testimonial for you (e.g., on Google), it is recommended to have "Send Email on Each Insert" selected.
  • Click on the button at the top labeled "Import". Depending on how many records you are importing, this can take a few seconds to several minutes. Once complete, the system will let you know that it completed the import process.


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