Module: Downloads

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The Downloads module allows you to access all files (documents) within the system. These documents are attached to other modules or available for the public side of your website.

Key Features

  • Start/end dates for availability.
  • Track how often opened and by a specific user/ip address
  • Are assigned to specific modules (e.g., Accounts, News & Events, Tasks, and Users).
  • Easily Updatable.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Downloads module.

Note: The availability of the Category (New): option is available in v1.4 and beyond.

Sample Screenshot

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Download Grud
Download Edit Screen

Adding & Editing

  • Click on Downloads.
  • Click on Add New or the pencil icon to edit an existing item.
  • Regarding: If a file is meant to be attached to a specific module (e.g., Accounts, News & Events, Tasks, and Users) fill in this information.
  • Category: The category allows you to display the files within specific groups
    • Note: If the category you want to attach to doesn't exist you can type in the category name here and the system will automatically add that category into the system.
  • Description Short: This will be the name of the file you want others to know what the file is. When the file is downloaded it will use the actual name of the file that you uploaded.
  • Download Date: This is the date you want the people visiting your website to see as the file date.
  • Start Date: This is the starting date the file is available to download.
  • End Date: This is the last date the file is available to be downloaded. The system will default to 12/31/2500 so that the file is always available.
  • External Url: Sometimes you may need to have a file available that is not within your website but on another site. This allows you to link to a document on another site.
    • Note: We do not recommend doing this unless you have to as the link could change or be removed without your knowing. This can cause your users to get a file not found (404) message.
  • Attach Document: This is where you will upload one, or more, documents. If uploading multiple documents they will have all the same information (e.g., categories, dates, description, etc.).
  • Description Long: This is a long description explaining what the document is about.
  • Document Url: When editing a single document this is a link you can share with others (e.g. in email, as a link on your website, etc.).
  • Download Views: This is how many times your document was downloaded.
    • Note: You can check the system logs to see who downloaded the files with more detail.
  • Active: Whether the file is available to be downloaded or not. Even if the date is between the start and end if this is not active the file will not be available to be downloaded.
  • Allow Anonymous Download: By default the system requires a user to be logged into the system to access files. This allows for the file to be available to anyone whether they are logged in or not.
    • Note: There is a setting to allow all files to be anonymous whether this is checked or not. That option is available in the Settings off of the main Downloads grid.
  • Click Save Download Information to save your changes.

Tips & Tricks

  • When tabbing through all the fields you will notice that the Category (New): isn't in the tabbing index. To help prevent accidental categories you will either need to click into the field with your mouse or touch your screen (for touch screen users) on the field.