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Password Checking Errors

 Created Date: 7/28/2018 4:36:35 PM |  User Level: Regular User |  Views: 3,841


  1. New password or confirmation is blank: The check that the current and the new password are not blank.
  2. Current password matches the new password: We check that the current password and the new password do not match as there is no reason to change your current password to the exact same password.
  3. Password and confirmation password don't match: We check that the new password matches the confirmation password. If you are in Portal Users and only have one password to enter, then this check is skipped.
  4. Password isn't alpha-numeric (if enabled): When checked in the system settings we verify that the password contains both alphabetical and numerical information.
  5. Password doesn't meet the minimum length: We look at the new password is at least a specific number of characters long.
  6. Password doesn't meet the minimum strength: There can be rules set for the complexity of the password. If these are not met you will be informed.
  7. Password is in the disallowed list: The administrators can store a list of passwords that are not allowed to be used. If your password is one of these you will be informed.
  8. Dark web check: When enabled we will check the password against those of over 500 million that exist on the Dark Web. If you have chosen one of these passwords you will be informed to choose another password.

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