Mail Server Ports

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When configuring your desktop or mobile client we have the following ports setup. These will need to be enabled on either a network firewall or the Windows Server firewall itself. Listed below are common ports that are used for mail delivery:

  • Port 80 - HTTP traffic and ActiveSync traffic - used to access the web interface of SmarterMail. This would also be the same port used by ActiveSync as well
  • Port 25 - SMTP Port - Commonly used for SMTP traffic
  • Port 587 - Submission Port - Commonly used as an alternative port number for SMTP traffic
  • Port 110 - POP Port - Used for POP connections made to the server
  • Port 143 - IMAP Port - Used for IMAP connections made to the server
  • Port 389 - LDAP Port - Used for LDAP connections to the server
  • Port 5222 - XMPP Port - Used for XMPP connections, also known as the chat feature of SmarterMail

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