Facebook Chat Plugin - Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

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A great way of getting communication with your customers is by offering a chat plugin to your WordPress website. There are many ways to add chat to your website. A common way is an integration with Facebook. Not only is it free but gives some consistency with one of your social media channels and your website but also gives you the ability to further integrate an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot to automatically answer common questions you have.

In this article we will explain how to install the Live Chat Plugin for WordPress. This will take you less than 10 minutes to install and configure.

Install Steps

The first step is you need to be logged into your WordPress site as an administrator so that you can install a new plugin to your website.

  1. On your left side menu click on Plugins.
  2. Click on Add New plugin.
  3. In the search bar type in "Facebook Messenger" and wait for the list to update.
    WordPress Plugin Search Box
  4. Click on Install in the "Facebook Chat Plugin - Live Chat Plugin for WordPress" box.
    Facebook Chat Plugin - Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Install
  5. Click on Activate in the "Facebook Chat Plugin - Live Chat Plugin for WordPress" box.
    Facebook Chat Plugin - Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Activate
  6. On your left side menu click on Facebook Chat.
  7. In the box called Getting Started? click on Setup Chat Plugin.
    Facebook Chat Plugin - Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Setup
  8. If you are not already logged into Facebook you will be asked to log into Facebook. In the list of Pages chose your Facebook Page you want to tie your website with. Once you have done that click on Continue.
    Choosing your Facebook page for chat
  9. You will now see a sample of what the pop up will look like on your website. If this is the website you want click on Publish. If you accidentally chose the wrong social media page click on Reset.
    Sample of the chat page
  10. Click on the Close (X) button of the window in the top right for the pop up.
    Publishing your Facebook chat plugin
  11. Go to your website homepage and click on refresh. In the bottom right hand corner of your screen you will see the Facebook Messenger icon.
    Facebook messenger icon
  12. After a few seconds you will see the full messenger screen show.
    Facebook Messenger full screen

Additional Settings

  • You can customize the settings further to only be on specific pages if you want.
    • You can assign to either pages or posts (blog articles)
      • Posts - Single Post View, Category View, Tags View
      • Pages - Any page within the site
  • You can set up to three questions and answers to help your customers get answers quickly.
    • If you want more than three questions and answers you can utilize an AI driven chatbot to assist. Chatbots are nice that they can track your users and send a list of specials and other pertinent information that have previously contacted you.

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