Why businesses need blog articles

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 Written By John Marx

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A blog is a way to give valuable knowledge and information that shows that you are the expert in the industry you are serving. You are showing your company as the industry leader and expert that others will want to follow and emulate. The information you provide should help current customers and potential customers while also letting your competitors know that you are the leader that they should emulate.

When deciding to write a blog, there are several items you need to think about.

  • The first is why you are writing the blog. This could be due to a passion to educate and teach others, to cover items that you are passionate about, or to show your expertise in your industry.
  • Make a list of the topics you want to cover.
  • Start making a list of the titles
  • Determine your schedule and stick to it. Set aside specific time on your calendar to do this.

When talking with clients about their website, business, and how to grow and become an expert we almost always discuss having a blog, what a blog is, and how it can help you from a search engine optimization standpoint.

When writing your blog, we encourage to not push sales of products and services. That information will come over a period and your growth will be found organically on the search engines. The search engines are a key way for people to come and learn about your services.

When writing your blog article people often debate whether to curate content or create it themselves. Curated content is content that someone else has written. Many times, this curated information is shared among many within a given industry. The author writes it once and then sells it to multiple companies to make their money. This information can hurt your business even if it has some small changes as the search engines know that you have basically paid for the content rather than show that you are the industry expert.

Having a blog will help drive traffic to your website and in-turn make you show that you are an industry expert. With this expertise, you will be providing fresh and relevant content, new and returning site visitors, and help add people to your sales funnel process. No matter the size of your business having a blog will greatly help. We continue to see that by consistently posting to your site with relevant and quality content that you will move up in the search engines and bring in more leads.