SEO: 5 Keys to Writing Quality Content

 5/8/2017 12:00:00 AM
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SEO: 5 Keys to Writing Quality Content

Following these easy steps will help improve the quality of your website content as well as your search engine rankings.

The quality of your website content is essential not only for search engine rankings but for business credibility as well. Your content should include the keywords and phrases that you want to rank higher for, but it should also make sense and not be repetitive to your readers. Writing good content that also helps your SEO can be tricky, which is why we've compiled a list of easy ways to help improve your content. 

Here are 5 simple building blocks to use when writing content for your web pages:


The main goal of your website is to attract new clients and give information to your existing clients. Your website should obviously include what your business is about, its history, the services it offers, and how to contact you. Making these elements easy to find on your website will help viewers find exactly what they are looking for and quickly. It helps to have a very eye-catching homepage that has any information the viewer might be looking for right on top or the middle of the page. Including the keywords and key phrases will help visitors feel confident they found exactly what they are looking for.


In today's world, we have only a few seconds to catch the viewer's attention and keep them engaged. Having headings that grab their attention is crucial to keeping a newcomer on your website. Headings should be informative but concise, and catchy but professional. Benefit-driven headings work well to grab a visitors attention, and make them see the value your business offers. The more interesting your website is and the longer the visitor stays on your page, the better your SEO rankings will be. Google takes notice when visitors leave your website quickly.

Word Limit

Your business might have a lot of information to share. You're the experts, you know what you're doing and want to show the world that you know what you're doing. However, having too much information on your pages can be overwhelming to potential clients. Visitors are most often looking for the key points, because they are not the experts and that's why they're looking for a business like yours to hire or work with. Try to find a healthy balance between interesting and informative content, and keep it clear and concise. It is recommended to keep page content to a maximum of 450-500 words, and leave the heavy information to your blogs or press releases.

Tone and Language

Your content should be professional, but don't get too technical. Remember, you're the experts, not your clients. Using a lot of technical information could make visitors feel overwhelmed, bored, or even unintelligent because they don't understand. Provide information about your services and how you can help your clients. Engage the reader while providing the necessary information. Make it easy for the visitor to read and understand, and write your content as if you are the outsider looking in.

Proof Reading

It is a good idea to create a rough draft before writing your page content. Not only can you proofread your work and catch any spelling or grammar mistakes, you can keep an eye on the word count as well. Make sure the information includes the keywords and key points you want for your business, and that the information accurately describes your business and services. It doesn't hurt to have an outsider read your content as well, they might be able to give a fresh outlook and give suggestions if it is too much information or doesn't flow smoothly.


Writing good quality content can be tricky, but we're here to help! We can help organize, edit, or rewrite your content so that it is not only professional, clear, and concise, but it also contains the necessary keywords and phrases you need to help build your SEO rankings. 

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