Are you Overwhelmed with website, social media, or SEO?

 8/30/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Are you Overwhelmed with website, social media, or SEO?

Today we had the water turned on for our new office. This sounds like a simple ordeal to have done. The week before as we had it scheduled we found out that it had been seven years since water was on. This raised a flag so we looked over all the pipe by feeling every inch we could see and it was relatively all new with shut offs, etc. We set all the shutoffs to closed so that we could test each section one at a time. When the city turned on we had leak number one and it was in a wall. Five hours later and that was fixed. Water back on and good. Turned on the next shutoff valve and another leak (again in a wall). Repeat this four more times. Have you ever felt overwhelmed with your website, social media, or SEO as we did with our water today? We will go over some ways to ease that feeling so that you can grow your business with today’s article.

Taking a step back and a Big Breath

When we are hit with all of these leaks and hurdles in life it causes stress, damage to a physical structure, and unwanted expenses. Damage for a website, social media, or search engine optimization is not physical but virtual and otherwise is similar to that of what we experienced in the real world. When something isn’t taken care of it breaks, falters, and doesn’t produce the results we were intending it to. The first thing to do is take a deep breath and let it out. Getting angry at a marketing plan that isn’t working is not something to get upset about. (You had a plan in-place before you began right?) What needs to happen is write down every point that is failing as well as every point, if any, that are succeeding.

The successes

These are easier as coming out with items that are working is often easier than those that are failing. Don’t change them (too much; if at all)! You can improve them but don’t change them to a degree that makes them no longer the item that was successful. Make note of these items and use these successes to help fix the areas where you’re having problems.

Are you stuck on finding a success? There’s no problem with that. No matter how bad your plan is it can be improved upon and you’re looking at what is and isn’t working. This alone is a success as you are looking at improving your business processes. You are wanting a positive change. Make that your first success if you can’t think of any or as an additional success as you build your list.

The failures (or Problems)

You have to have areas for improvement. These may not be complete failures. Each needs to be listed out with as much detail as possible. The more detailed the information you put here the more likely you will find viable solutions for fixing them.

After you have written each problem down you now need to write down a minimum of three things you think could solve each item. Some may share the same thing but you should not be using the same three answers for every “fix” for your failures. This can be a very hard and time consuming process. Taking the time, communicating with an outside consultant can greatly help in this brainstorming process. We spend a lot of time writing on white boards during this process with clients. We work with them in coming up with ideas to improve processes that only come out during group discussions. You can also ask other members outside of your core team as they may have perspectives for improvement that you haven’t thought of yet.


It may be hard at first but every bad situation can be turned into a positive one that will make your company stronger. Small items make you stronger and large items can as well. They will be harder to change but with a determined team, solid communication, and a desire to grow you can achieve anything.

Our water problem today and how we combatted it is how we work with our clients. We are often brought into bad situations, have to adjust and adapt, and can either get upset or be positive and move forward to a positive outcome.

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