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 Written By John Marx

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Over the weekend I was talking with a friend and the conversation turned to the feature on Facebook referred to as "On This Day". This features is where Facebook reminds you of events that happened on a particular day. There are some negative thoughts people have about this feature that tend to happen. Either that day had tragedy in it, a life event that you prefer not to remember, or is in relation to a person that you no longer want to be reminded about. Today we will delve into this and explain how to filter based on either a specific date or a person.

  • This feature is available to everyone and can be found at https://www.Facebook.com/onthisday. If you are not already logged in you will need to log into your Facebook account.
  • In the top right you will see Notifications and Preferences.
    • If Notifications has a checkbox on it that means you will get notifications of events that are happening. If you want to turn this feature completely off click it to remove the checkbox and you are done. If you want to set a preference then you will want to click on the Preferences option.
  • Filtering works only for current friends and people who are not blocked by you already.
  • When you click on the Preferences you are able to filter on either People or Dates. We will cover both below. If you have any filtering being done it will tell you how many on this screen.
    • People
      • Click on Edit to the right of People
      • Start typing the persons name and select them from the list
      • Click Save
    • Dates
      • Click on Edit to the right of Dates
      • Click on Select Dates
        • The allowed date range is from January 1, 1900 through December 31, 2099
      • Enter the Start Date
        • The allowed date range is from January 1, 1900 through December 31, 2099
      • Enter the End Date (this can be the same as the Start Date)
      • Click Done - After this you can continue to add more dates by clicking on Select Dates.
      • Click Save
  • Now to make your changes committed click on Done

After time if there is a Date or Person you no longer wish to block you can go through this same process and remove them. Next to each Person and Date is a small X that allows you to remove the item.

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