Growing your business online should not be expensive

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 Written By John Marx

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We have had a project named "Project Sugar" because it is such a sweet deal. Today we are offering it to everyone. All too often we hear about clients be charged a virtual arm and a leg to get an eCommerce site up and running. Today we are going to change that. Our clients now can receive a basic eCommerce system that comes with the proverbial kitchen sink. Our clients will receive a full-featured eCommerce system starting at just $495.

What is included?

Offering a solution that doesn't offer everything a growing small business needs would not be our style. We are again disrupting and causing anarchy by doing it our way. Small and mid-size businesses must grow to survive. Our solution gives a business everything that the big boys have without the big boy prices. Below is a very small sampling of the features.

  • Overview
    • Custom built for your business
    • No templates
    • No branding
    • PCI DSS Compliant
    • Full site Digicert SSL certificates
    • Fully customizable
    • Import and Export capabilities
  • Mobile commerce
    • Handles all screen sizes
    • Simplified online shopping experience
  • Multiple store locations
    • Keep track of prodcuts at multiple locations
    • News, Blogs, and Articles per location
    • Newsletters per location
    • Order filtering and reports per location
    • Specific categories and manufacturers per location
  • Multiple vendors
    • Track products by vendors
    • Sales by vendor
    • Quantities available by vendor
  • Products
    • SKU, price, weight, stock level, photos
    • Product comparisons
    • Downloadable products
    • Product reviews and ratings
    • Recurring products
    • Return management
    • Rental products
    • "Email a friend" feature
    • "Build your product"
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Sitemaps
    • Structured Meta Data
    • Localizable URLs
    • URL Canonicalization
    • Google Analytics integration
  • Checkout
    • Anonymous checkout
    • Gift wrapping
    • Upselling
    • One-page checkout
    • PDF order receipts
  • Marketing
    • Customer rewards
    • Discounts and coupons
    • Newsletter subscriptions
    • Gift cards
    • Forums and polls
    • Affiliate program
  • Payment Methods
    • Over 30 payment gateway options plus PayPal
    • Pickup and pay in store option
  • Shipping features
    • Based on warehouse to shipping location
    • Based on weight
    • Based on dollar value
    • Print packing slips
    • Shipping estimation
    • Standard vs next day and other option choices the customer can choose
  • Tax features
    • Configure by country, state, or postal code
    • Tax and tax exempt products
    • StrikeIron and Avalara integration for calculating complex tax options
    • Based on billing or shipping address
  • Customer Service
    • Authentication through Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, etc.
    • Wishlist items
    • Live chat integration options
    • Private messages
    • Private customer portal


Interested? We thought so. We built this for every size business to grow and be the best they can be. We pride ourselves in giving more and adding more than anyone else. We have always believed in high-quality and easy to use content management systems and this offering is definitely a great offering. To talk and get started give us a call at 219-229-1633, email us at, or use our online contact form here.