The benefits of a standing desk

 12/5/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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The benefits of a standing desk

A standing desk is just what it sounds like you "stand at it". But there are many forms to a standing desk. There are kinds that are statically up, those that require a crank or other manual method, and those that through the push of a button will go from a sitting position to a standing position. When we went on the search for a standing desk we wanted something that would meet the demand rigors of a small startup while being able to last the test of time as we grew to be a larger organization.

Why a standing desk?

One may think that because a standing desk is the latest fad that was the reason. That wasn't the decision that made us want to move to a more modern and changing environment. The reason came from an article in the article that describes the benefits of a standing desk.

The search process

This was a lot harder than what we thought it would be. We knew we didn’t want an always tall desk and we knew that we didn’t want a manual method. This left a motored method that changed with the push of a button. There are many companies like, NextDesk, The Human Solution, GeekDesk, Uplift Desk, IKEA, Autonomous, and many more. Each one had a lot of great features and benefits. Some expensive, some inexpensive, and many others in-between.

The decision

The decision came down to one that appeared to cover everything that we wanted. We looked at every social media site that they were active, read reviews of each product, and what was one of the key items for us as a web design and marketing company that they had a great website with a mobile interface and some good search engine optimization (SEO). Why would a website with mobile and SEO be important to a decision for a desk? To be a "real" business in today’s day and age you can’t be on social media alone. You can’t have a website alone either. Both solutions need to work collaboratively together for a consistent marketing and branding message.

Autonomous was the decision

We chose Autonomous as for several reasons. These were:

  • Dual motor design option for businesses that supports up to 300lbs
    • There is a single motor design for those in a home environment (not recommended for business)
  • Built for business
  • Solid steel design
  • Choice of colors and design options (we are using the white base with bamboo top)
  • Warranty of 5-years for business (1-year for home models; single motor)
  • Add-on options for cell phone charging, speakers, hangers, etc.


This table is built better than any working desk that I have ever had. It’s solid, rigid, and even though it’s not a fixed desk is doesn’t shake when typing (I am a hard typist). The desk arrived in two boxes (top and base) with the total weight being over 70lbs. Assembly took a little over an hour (with a coffee break being required during assembly).


A great and brilliant option with Automate is that they have ergonomic chairs and a robot (how cool is that!) as items we can get.


After the first week, I find myself standing more than sitting. The Autonomous desk has a capability of four programmed buttons. Currently three of them are using. A sitting position, standing position, and an in-between for a bar stool for those times that I don’t want to sit or stand. We are still in the testing of this table but see that in 2017 we will be purchasing a minimum of six more and most likely eight more of these desks for our office.

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