Sales Person Information

What Is The Sales Position?

You will receive a price for either a new website or website migration. You will then receive a monthly commission percent based on what you have sold. If a client upgrades/downgrades their plan you will receive the new rate.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

If direct sales is not for you the ability to be part of our affiliate program can be found here.

Comparison Between Being An Affiliate & Company Sales

If you are looking for a satisying career in sales our in-house sales is the best bet for you. If you already have a career and wish to add some side-hustle income to your household than the affiliate model is the best solution for you.

DescriptionAffiliateIn-House Sales
Chamber Of Commerce MembershipsNoYes
Closes SaleNoYes
Company AnnouncementsNoYes
Company Business CardsNoYes
Company Flyers (Electronic)YesYes
Company Flyers (Hardcopy)NoYes
Dedicated Company Email AddressNoYes
Listed On Website As An Official EmployeeNoYes
Provides ReferalsYesNo
Sales Manager / Sales CheerleaderNoYes
Sales Meetings (As Needed)NoYes
Taxes Taken OutNoYes
Payout Information  
    New WebsiteCurrent Percent$600
    1 to 19 Referrals/Sales10%20%
    20 to 29 Referrals/Sales15%20%
    30+ Referrals/Sales20%20%
    Requirements5 / Year1 / Quarter

Sales Person Payment Information

Payments are sent as soon as the money reaches the company bank account. You will not have to wait weeks or months for your payments. The chart shows what you will expect to receive in the overall process.

Payment Process

1. A Sale Happens

2. Payment Is Received

3. Money Is Deposited

4. Payment Is Sent Via


Or Other Agreed Method

5. Information Entered For 1099 (Year End Taxes) -- Done Every 2 Weeks

Note: The first time you will be sent information from our payment processor, ADP, for all of your information for tax purposes. This will delay the first payment but is only required once.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Contacting the potential client and answering their questions.
  • Getting the client to fill out their basic information (
    • Note: You are allowed to fill this in for the customer to facilitate the process and make it easier on them.
  • Getting the client to enter in their payment information (
    • Note: You are allowed to fill this in for the customer to facilitate the process and make it easier on them.
  • Provide as much document information to the team so that we can make certain the client is completely taken care of.

No. The reason for this is many people have a good effort but the first sale can take some time. Once your sale is completed it only takes around 24-hours start to finish to get you onboarded.

Once you have decided to no longer be with Fawkes Digital Marketing you will receive one more commisison payment from each of those that you are receiving. If an annual payment comes up during this time you will be given one month of the payment of the total received.

Below is some information that can help you understand what our marketing services are. If you are looking for something specific let us know.

Download our Current Flyer with the latest prices and most used services by our clients.

You are giving the ability to negotiate on-the-spot with potential new customers. If you wish to go beyond that amount you will need to discuss with your immediate manager or to the administrative team.

  • Lead Generation: We have lead generators that will provide you with leads each week.
  • Marketing Emails: We send out weekely marketing campagins to generate leads.
  • Website: As leads come through the website we will rotate and provide them to members of the team.
  • Door to Door: You can contact customers by going door-to-door, phone calls, emails, and other methods you find that work well for you.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce: If you are in an area with a strong Chamber of Commerce we will evaluate joining to help you be part of the local community.

We require you get one sale each quarter. This comes to four sales per year which allows you to do this on a part time basis. If you do not reach this goal we will have to take you off the team roster for referrals that are lead generation creates.

If you have additional questions we recommend you go straight to the top. :) Contact John Marx, owner, through email at john@fawkesdm.comThe easiest way is to send an email to that you wish to be an affiliate.

The company does profit sharing among all of the core team and the members based on performance that is achieved throughout the course of the year.